"Why St. Paul's?" Jean Pritchett

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(Jean is pictured with her husband, Pat.)

1. What is your name?

My name is Jean (Decker) Pritchett. I’m originally from northeastern Pennsylvania, and I met my husband Patrick – a New Orleans native – when we each began careers in Washington, D.C. in 1985. Now both retired, we moved to New Orleans in 2016 to be closer to family.

2. How long have you attended St. Paul’s?

Just eight months, since March 2017.

3. What first drew you to St. Paul’s?

We are a typical Episcopalian couple (a former Catholic and a former Methodist). After getting settled in, St. Paul’s was the first church we visited because it’s the Episcopal church closest to our home in Lakeshore. Right away I was taken with the beauty of the sanctuary and the wisdom and inspiration in Fr. Rob’s sermon. I also saw quite a few children that first Sunday, which to me indicated St. Paul’s is a vibrant and growing congregation. Oh, and my bosses in my last position in Washington were Rob and Courtney, so I thought that might be a sign! But we were accustomed to a service with contemporary music (which I love), so we set about visiting almost every Episcopal church in the greater New Orleans area, before ending up right back where we started… at St. Paul’s.

4. What keeps you coming back to St. Paul’s?

Pat and I chose to make St. Paul’s our new church home for two main reasons: Fr. Rob’s leadership and vision, and the fact that a church close to home would provide ample opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and help me, especially, plant new roots in New Orleans. And as the months go by and we become more integrated, we are more and more certain of that decision.

5. In what ways do you serve our St. Paul’s community?

I have already joined the Hospitality Team – a wonderful group of fun and very talented people – and I hope to soon become active in St. Paul’s Lantern Light and Covenant House outreach ministries. I am also participating in Fr. Rob’s The Myth of Equality book study, which has been both eye-opening and very disturbing, and I am praying for God’s guidance on where and how to apply my new-found understanding.

6. What is one thing you want other people to know about St. Paul’s?

The St. Paul’s rule of life – Growing in Relationships, Growing in Service, Growing in Christ – is real. Regardless of where you are on your faith journey, there are many programs and opportunities to grow spiritually, find true community, and share God’s love within and beyond the walls of St. Paul’s.

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